Available Dates

Group Reservations
Although Galilee allows groups to book up to a year in advance and the calendar fills very quickly, there are occasionally open weekends that are listed here. If you notice a weekend that would work for your group, please contact Stuart Campbell at (775) 250-8309 or stuart@galileetahoe.org immediately as these dates will most likely not be available for long.

Available weekends for Retreat Groups in 2016:

– Dec 2-4, 2016

Individual and Family Openings
Galilee provides lodging for personal retreats and family gatherings during certain times of the year. The cost is generally $45 per person, per night, without meals. Housing is typically in Frensdorff Lodge for groups of 5-11 and Lewis cabin for 1-3 people. Please refer to the dates listed below and contact Galilee if you have any interest. 1-2 night reservations may become available at other times during the year – please contact Galilee by phone, if interested. Guests need to provide linens.

Availability for Individual and Family Groups in 2016:

– Mid-week January 19-22, 25-29, 2016
– Mid-week February 22-26, 2016
– Mid-week February 29-March 4, March 7-11, March 15-18, 2016
– Mid-week November 28-December 2, 2016
– Mid-week December 5-9, 2016